Neo Juvex, Branding and Packaging

Neo Juvex needed design solutions which retained an imperial British feel whilst still appearing relatively modern for a South Korean audience.

Neo Juvex is the premium skin-care range from Cyclax, designed for export to South Korea. I was asked to provide design solutions from logo right through to packaging design and leaflet insert.
As a heritage range it was important to ensure the design retain an imperial British feel whilst still appearing relatively modern.

I chose purple for the primary brand colour for it’s associations with luxury and the British monarchy. I used Silver Hot Foil to add a touch of class in both the Royal Warrant and brand name.

To evoke the sense of heritage I chose a serif typeface for the sub-brand but emphasised the N, J and X, to increase legibility and enhance the overall aesthetic appearance. Elsewhere I used a classic contemporary sans-serif typeface.

Where the transparent bottles were filled with opaque white lotion I typeset in a combination of purple and a neutral grey to soften the look. Where the bottle was filled with clear liquid I set in purple to contrast more legibly against the packaging content.

The literature required both English and Korean typesetting which necessitated working with a translator when character setting.

The resulting finish was a classy range of beauty products that looked attractive both on shelf and also at home in the bathroom.





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