Luxury Chocolate Branding for Hussh

When my local client in Malvern approached me she told me she was looking for a brand name and packaging design that conveyed the versatile and indulgent qualities of her decadent chocolate pots.

I was inspired by the peace and quiet that ensues when we are so focused on our taste buds engaging with incredible flavours and suggested the name “Hussh”.

The logo uses this quiet concept through minimal use of text. The letters discretely reduce in size to convey the diminuendo, and the typeface’s wide and thin continuous strokes suggest the marks made by a chocolate spatula.

A glass hinged jar was chosen to house the product for two reasons. Firstly, it communicates the hand-crafted, bespoke nature. Secondly this style of jar has a high perceived value, (an ‘oooooh’ factor) ideal for conveying the luxury quality of Hussh products.

The jar design incorporates illustrative swirls alongside an underline and tag with a coloured ‘O’ ring jar seal to help distinguish each unique flavour.

The design has been kept minimal and is to be printed on a clear label in order to show the chocolate product within the jar.

The result is a simple and clean design that clearly distinguishes the individual flavours of the chocolate pots in a sophisticated and opulent manner.

flavour variations: minty, st.clements, drunken berry, espresso

Luxury Chocolate Branding

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