Logo Portfolio by Lucy Grafham

Logo design is a lively and fun process which is all about character. What the company is, what it looks like, its core values, it’s about how other people describe it. It’s about time, the companies past and the significant events and people who have in influenced it to make it what it is.

This is a mini collection of some of the logos I have designed. I hope you like them.


Lucy Grafham Logo PortfolioLogo design for copywriterLogo design for women's exercise classLogo for Organic Skincare CompanyLogo design for 3D computer art companyLogo design for skincare productsLogo design for artistLogo design for events venueLogo design for recycled jewellery and tableware companyLogo design for copywriting and marketing companyLogo design for luxury chocolate businessLogo for Children's Exercise ClassLucy Grafham Logo Portfolio

If you have work already available that I can help you with or if you would like to discuss a project, then please call or email me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lucy Grafham  //  Design


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