Abby Reilly Glassware

Abby Reilly was looking for a chic, brand identity for her hand-crafted, recycled glass jewellery and tableware products. She wanted customers to understand that her products were a distinctive step from the mass produced pieces you see in the shops.

Abby Reilly Glassware has roots in two areas, ethical design and fine art. To evoke the nature of this brand I led with her name in the logo,  using a hand written-style script to cue the creative, spontaneous artistic side of her work. I used a traditional letterpress typeface for the glassware part of the logo to convey the quality, precision and timelessness of  her products.

To communicate her love of process and tactile materials, I selected uncoated and natural looking fibres with a mix of hand finished techniques for her print and packaging design.




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